Hit it in the butt!

Squashbutts® is New Zealand's newest social squash experience. It is the perfect team building activity for groups of 6-30 people of all ability levels and genders, and it is ideal for anyone interested in getting a good workout, tightening the glutes, while having fun and learning and new skill. We also have a bar available at both locations to unwind and socialise after the activity, so pick up a racket and become apart of the community. 

Squash is rated at the top of Forbes healthiest sports list, is a well recognised way to tone the glutes and keep fit in general. With Squashbutts® you can now enjoy this fantastic sport in a group, making it a fun and safe environment . No previous experience is needed, and we provide all the equipment you'll need, although you are welcome to bring your own. The only things you'll need to bring with you are t-shirt, shorts and trainers and a fun and sporty attitude to work up a good sweat. It is a great way to spend an afternoon of corporate team building, or a fun morning out with friends who are keen to tone their butt. You will quickly grow to love squash and feel part of a nation-wide community.

The Hidden Survival Muscle - What is it?

There's a muscle in your body that is an indicator of the strength and health of your whole body. It's been called your body's most powerful hidden survival muscle. If it's too tight, undertrained or locked up it can contribute to issues such as:

+ Nagging Joint Pain
+ Bad Posture
+ Trouble Sleeping
+ Sluggishness
+ High Anxiety
+ Digestive Problems
+ Weakened Immune System
+ Circulatory Issues
+ Loss of Sexual-Performance
+ Lack of Explosiveness in the Gym

Those are some nasty problems, but when you unlock this muscle there are many amazing health benefits.

What to expect

Squashbutts® sessions are 1 hour long. They start with a short briefing of the rules and basic techniques, players then split into groups of 2 - 3 people per court. Our coach will observe each court and as the game progresses, she will offer feedback and tips that will help you improve, inevitably increasing the intensity of your game at a pace that is natural and safe for you and your partner. Upbeat music plays in the background, keeping your head in the game and your motivation up. Our coach will often observe from the gallery, so any tips shared with other courts will benefit you as well.

Be prepared to have sore glutes, or butt muscles in plain English, the day after your session - a true sign that you have activated your muscles and getting that butt toned!

Session Prices

We have three options to get involved with Squashbutts® which include Open classes, Corporate groups and Private lessons. Each have the option of concession cards and one-off sessions. 

Who Runs Squashbutts® Classes?


Squashbutts® classes are run by Priscilla Wildsmith, a New Zealand A grade squash player holding several national titles. Priscilla has represented New Zealand in squash, played on the PSA and has been coaching for the last 10 years running group coaching and private lessons both in New Zealand and overseas. Her bubbly energetic personality is bound to get you and your friends hooked on the game.

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